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At Bruce Pulman Park we offer team-building sessions for groups, from sports teams to corporate groups.  From indoors to out we can build a great programme for your next event.

Take your conference, meeting, or event to the next level by incorporating a team-building option.

Whether you are looking for something in between meetings and presentations or an afternoon of fun, we can provide a range of fun and exciting team-building sessions for your group - large or small.

Inject some energy into your timetable and to turn your event from work work work to some active sessions.

From indoor facilities to out on the Park, Bruce Pulman Park is the perfect location to carry out active team-building sessions as part of your conference or meeting. 

Our indoor facilities range from gymnastic/circuit type sessions at Pulman Recreation Centre to sports activities inside Pulman Arena or work with our team building partner 'Let Me Out' to put together a package to best suit your needs.


At Let Me Out, it's about uniquely different individuals who harness all of who they are to facilitate your challenges that makes them stand out.  They epitomise what Team Building is all about - developing trust, working on teamwork, communication and connectedness.

They offer all types of team building packages with challenges and activities that are designed to get your teams working together to solve problems. They are multi-dimensional challenges, normally against the clock. Whilst the main element of these activities is to work on Teamwork, they also include elements of Trust, Communication, Understanding and Focus.


At Bruce Pulman Park, we can help you with all your meeting and event needs as well as accommodating your team overnight at Pulman Lodge.  Pulman Lodge is situated 1 km from the Park within walking distance...

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