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The Bruce Pulman Park Sports Academy programme aims to develop the knowledge and understanding of potential elite athletes, interested in pursuing a career in their sport at both a domestic and international level.


The Bruce Pulman Park Sports Academy looks to involve local sporting youth talent from our local community.  Students develop foundation knowledge in sport science and will acquire the ability to operate at an advanced level in training and competition. 

The central purpose of the Bruce Pulman Park Sports Academy Programme is to provide a fully structured approach to the nurturing and growth of young athletes.  It is our belief that programmes of quality ensure all participants are given adequate time and every opportunity to improve their sports performance through knowledge, understanding, and self-awareness.

The Academy uses the power of sport to promote positive change that leads to greatness in sport, school and life, based on a strength-based approach. Sport does not build character, sport reveals character, during the current pandemic, the context of sport has been the ideal vehicle to help teach the students how to deal with uncertainty. Being prepared is more creative and more effective than planning. Once you accept that no one knows the future, possibilities proliferate.

To this effect, there is an overwhelming emphasis on active participation and participant involvement throughout the programme, giving it a strongly applied focus.  Participants are encouraged to critically evaluate themselves and their practice within the context of the programme.  A high level of applied understanding of the principles associated with the science and personal management of sport performance is integrated into the program. This emphasis best prepares students for future careers in sport, where the ability to function efficiently and autonomously is paramount to ultimate success.


To apply students must submit their application through their School Sports Co-ordinator. 

Applications are now open, download form.

For further information, please contact Simon Kent on


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TESTIMONIAL - Alyssa Harrison (Equestrian)

Being a part of the Bruce Pulman Park Sport Academy has been incredibly beneficial to me throughout the past 2 years, offering me the support and knowledge that I didn’t know I needed.  My main takeaways from the course were about dealing with nerves and believing in my own ability. I’ve always been the type of person who creates a lot of pressure for myself, so learning how to combat this with competing with confidence, believing in the process, my own training and ‘feeding the good wolf’ has helped me step up in both disciplines that I compete in with more confidence in myself and my horses.  I’ve really enjoyed being a part of the Academy, and feel that it has helped me prepare for my future in sport, setting me up so I can be better than ever, as well as giving me the tips I need for when things might not go my way, and how to fix them.



Emily Tanira - Basketball, Manurewa High School

Taisha Tanira - Basketball, Manurewa High School

Susana Malewa - Basketball, Manurewa High School

Bella Manu-Moore - Basketball, Manurewa High School

Shirley Tuilimu - Basketball, Manurewa High School

Maddy Agnew - Crossfit, ACG Strathallan

Katelyn Daniel - Trampoline, ACG Strathallan

Oliver Barlett - Athletics, ACG Strathallan

lasi Ah Kuoi - Netball, Alfriston College

Irene Haupeakui - Touch, Alfriston College

Braithan Forster - Touch/Athletics, Alfriston College


Jamie Parsons - Basketball, Rosehill College

Chelsea Nicholas - Hockey, Rosehill College

Amore Pahina - Rugby Union, Rosehill College

Antonie Smal - Athletics, Sancta Maria College

Niamh Baxter - Gymnastics, ACG Strathallan

Georgia Lynch - Athletics, ACG Strathallan

Jade Calverly - Softball, Alfriston College

Mark Sikuvea - Rugby League, De La Salle College

Chisom Othibulu - Basketball, De La Salle College