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We have big plans for Bruce Pulman Park when it comes to driving a more sustainable and community-focused facility. From a commercial worm farm to installing water tanks, to regeneration of the ponds to planting a nursery and community garden with the local schools. 

5+ A Day Container Mural Project

Thanks to our major sponsor 5+ A Day Charitable Trust who are helping us bring our Container Mural Project alive!

At Bruce Pulman Park we have a number of containers that are used for sports and park equipment.  In the past, we have been regularly tagged which affects the look and feel of the Park and the local community.  To combat this we decided to embark on a community project where we could involve the local schools, street artists, and commercial partners to help us brighten up the containers and make the Park sing.

With the help of community partners Manukau Beautification Trust, Resene, Kauri Flats School, and local artist Pascal Bridger we have almost completed this project, and the containers look amazing!

Pond Regeneration Project

At Bruce Pulman Park we have six large ponds located across the 64-hectare park.  We are on a mission to regenerate the ponds by increasing the plants bordering the ponds and introduce fish life to help keep them clean.

We are excited about the support we have had with local funding and donations from businesses and most of all the local community who have come and helped us on our planting days.  To find out more about who has helped with funding, please visit our Partners and Sponsors page.

Are you a community-minded business wanting to help?

​​​​​​​We are working closely with our local Park suppliers and are extending the opportunity for any business to make a small donation towards our community projects.  Our Giveback Community Programme is set up in a number of ways, a business can either donate some money, say $500 or book a meeting or conference at the Park, and we will set aside 10% of your booking fee towards a Project of your choice.  Alternatively, if you have an energetic team, contact us about a staff working party on the Park - gardening or planting.​​​​​​​

We would love your help!​​​​​​​  See at the bottom of the page for our Community Projects list.

Doing it for our community!  Free Sports Day for a local School

We are looking for ways to make sport and recreation more accessible for our local community.  We are looking to partner with local businesses to offer a free sports day for a school of their choice.  The biggest barrier for participation is cost, by sponsoring a school sports day we can break down this obstacle and offer more kids these awesome and exciting opportunities.  As part of the day, we will invite the sponsor to come and meet the school.  So, if this sounds like something that meets your vision, we would love to chat.  Please contact us below...

Doing it for our kids!  Transport for Schools Project

Another one of our local community projects is 'Transport for Schools' whereby we are building a fund to be able to offer subsidised or FREE buses to the Park.  So often our local kids and schools are missing out on opportunities due to the costs of getting children to their activities.  The Park wants to help breakdown these barriers and reduce this cost.  We can do this by building a fund to transport the kids to the Park.  

Our fund is slowly building but we want to offer more, so here is another great opportunity for local businesses to take part in our Giveback Community Programme.


Choose from Pond Planting | Free Sports Day for Schools | Transport for Kids ​​​​​​​

Would you like to know more or be part of our community projects? 

If so contact us online...

Sustainability Work on the Park

The Park is on a journey to develop sustainable stewardship of our natural resources and we are implementing an environmental set of standards and goals for the Park looking at best practices with recycling and sustainability. 

Our journey has begun with the purchase of a commercial worm farm and a large water tank and a recycling programme will be put in place to help the Park reduce its organic waste to landfill.

We would like to acknowledge Auckland Council and Papakura Local Board who have assisted us with funding for our worm farm and a water tank. 


We encourage our local community to come on the journey with us!